The strategy in the knowledge of consumer´s mind

We understand that your firm is unique, and the moment that your firm is living today is specific for explicit strategies.


We offer plans for different-size firms to fit better to the moment your firm is performing and to the objectives of each strategy.


We combine the Traditional Marketing and the Digital Marketing to create a Holistic solution adapted to the new technologies and last trends of each sector and target-market.

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We combine the “Whole-Scenario” and build the strategy based on it.

Holistic Philosophy

Our Statement is to understand “the whole” scenario where the Organizations, Firms, Clients, entrepreneurs and external variables are flowing together in constant change. From there we analyse the roll of the customer.


We have developed a platform to mix and to create synergy between Conventional Marketing and Digital Marketing, complementing each other, adding value for each need in every different stage of Company’s development.


Our Statement is to understand “the whole” scenario where the Organizations, Firms, Clients, entrepreneurs and external variables are flowing together in constant change. From there we analyse the roll of the customer. Basically, it is about that everything matters in Marketing; therefore we consider their components parts to understand after the complete situation.

We offer plans according to the needs and size of the firm

- Social Media Advertisement Campaigns

- Branding Re-engineering

- Online Shop

- International Marketing Research

- Research Surveys and results

- Gold Access Card

- Brand Management

- Total Quality Management

- Public Relations

- Android and IOS Apps

- E-mail administration

- Notary Services

- Law Consulting

- Bookkeeping Services

- Firm foundation

- Data Bank Management

- Post Management

- Event Development

- Event Management

- Global Market Expansion

- Platinum Card Access

- Catalog Design

- Web Applications Development

- Search Engine Optimization SEO

- Social Media Administration

- Monthly Reports Social Media

- Search Engine Advertisement

- Monthly Reports Search Engine

- SWOT Analysis

- Sear Engine Marketing SEM

- Silver Access Card






- Logo Design

- Slogan Creation

- 1 Parallax - effect Website

- Corporate e-mail

- Brochure

- Flyer Format design

- Domain creation


- Server administration

- Hosting administration

- Promotions strategy

- Business Cards Design

- Corporate Letterhead design

- Corporate Post design

- Newsletter Format design

Global Strategies

For all Sizes

We create global strategies with local understanding of the target market

To understand Holistic Marketing is essential to explore into Relationship Marketing, Internal Marketing, Integrated Marketing and Socially Responsive Marketing.

We understand that every Firm has an individual development, therefore the situational analysis needs to be according the size of each Firm. We have developed different Plans according to the Size and moment of each Firm, to make it profitable for the Client and personalized.


 We know that the size of a Firm is just a stage in the actual time, but is constantly changing, for that; we offer tailored plans for each moment of the development of the Organization.  We make an exact offer for the precise needs of you firm.

- Internal Marketing: We analyse the process in a Company in order to align procedure and empower the employees at the management levels to increase customer’s satisfaction level index.



- Integrated Marketing: It is the latest approach to brand communication where the diverse modes are align together to create a branding coherent experience for the customer. For this experience we take into account the tone and style of communication to reinforce the brand’s core message. Our goal is to make work in the same strategic direction all aspect like: corporate identity, branding, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, online communication and Social Media. After that the effectiveness is maximize and the results are successful according to the set-up goal.

With the time your Organization would reduce costs because of alignment of campaigns and enforcements of marketing in the same direction. Additionally, the effectiveness of the real-time communication with the customer, make personalized service and interaction as fluid as a normal conversation.

- Socially Responsive Marketing: Today the companies should consider what is the interest of society in the present and long term. We develop studies and surveys to develop knowledge about what the consumer desires to get immediate gratification and benefits. In summary we assure that there is a target group waiting to have what you do.

For us is imperative to create for our customers strategies for Diversification by development Market and Products for a community that is global. We create Global strategies with the Local understanding and with the respective modification for each local market.

Taking into account the globalization we understand the differences of cultures, languages and traditions of every country and town. Based on this understanding we create Glocal Strategies (A mix between Global and Local) combining the Global trends and development of products with the local traditions, culture and desires. Today it is needed to focus to a special community and communicate spontaneously with the Social Media and technology available today to reach the customers just-in-time.


Our Model is based on understanding that the customer today has much more influential behaviour than before and that it will keep this trend for the future and that today the communities are globalized using the Social Media as their main communication platform.


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